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Author: Todd Wilson

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Would Ron Swanson’s Will Be Valid Under Texas Law?

Would Ron Swanson’s Will Be Valid Under Texas Law? | Austin Estate Planning Attorney | TAW Law TX

Testing the Simplicity of Wills, Ron Swanson’s Will Also Puts Texas Estate Law to the Test

Wills are complicated legal documents that should be carefully crafted with several terms and many details that cover at least a couple of pages — right

Nope, that’s ALL wrong in the eyes of Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson, the rugged, ultra-masculine libertarian character who is all about simplicity and small government.

In fact, Ron breaks out his will in one episode to hilarious effect because it’s a one-sentence, handwritten will that he wrote when he was 8 years old.

Comedy and fiction aside, could Ron Swanson’s will really hold up in a Texas court today?

What issues would it raise and how would those be resolved?

Cryptocurrency & Blockchains in Estate Planning

Crypto & Blockchains in Estate Planning | Austin Estate Planning Lawyer

Key Considerations & Strategies for Digital Currency in Texas Estate Planning

Digital assets, like cryptocurrency, have proliferated wildly over the past decade or so, presenting exciting, yet risky, investing opportunities while raising complex new legal issues, particularly in the area of estate law. 

From tax liabilities and fiduciary responsibilities to accessibility and asset administration, digital currency requires unique considerations and prudent strategies to ensure its proper treatment in estate planning and administration in Texas.

Unpacking these intricate issues, this guide to cryptocurrency and blockchains in estate planning covers:

A Guide to Real Estate Privacy Trusts

Real Estate Privacy Trusts | Austin Trusts Lawyer | Law Office of Todd A. Wilson

How to Maintain Privacy & Protect Your Interests When You Own Property in Texas

Real estate privacy trusts (REPTs) can mask the individuals and businesses behind property transactions and real estate ownership in Texas, providing a powerful solution for maintaining anonymity in searchable, public records. Beyond the rich and famous, several parties can benefit from the privacy — and other advantages — provided by REPTs. 

Todd Wilson Attny answers questions about Privacy Trusts

To help you determine if this estate planning tool is right for you and your needs, this guide breaks down some key definitions, issues, benefits, and more, including: