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Texas probate has a bad rap for very good reasons. That does not mean, however, that every probate case in Hays County, Texas, will be a drag-out, knock-down fight in court. In fact, several cases may be resolved faster, with far more predictability and potentially more satisfying outcomes.


These are uncontested probates, and they still entail some specific procedures, filings, deadlines, and requirements.


At TAW Law Texas, also the Law Office of Todd A. Wilson, our probate lawyers have counseled many clients through uncontested probates in Hays County, Texas. With deep expertise, extensive knowledge, and a client-centered approach in every case, our probate attorneys are dedicated to providing top-tier service, value-focused representation, and optimal resolutions.


That’s why TAW Law Texas is a premier probate law firm in Hays County, Travis County, Williamson County, Bastrop County, and Blanco County. It’s also why you can count on our Hays County probate attorneys for nothing less than exceptional service for an uncontested probate case.


Flat-Fee Uncontested Probates in Hays County, Texas  

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Our Hays County uncontested probate attorneys represent executors in Antioch Colony, Buda, Dripping Springs, Hays, Driftwood, Kyle, Mountain City, Wimberley, Woodcreek, and beyond. While we take pride in providing custom solutions to fit unique needs and objectives, the following highlights what you can generally expect if you retain our Hays County lawyers for uncontested probate services.


To get answers from a 5-star Hays County probate attorney, just contact TAW Law Texas for a free, confidential consultation at your convenience. 

Your Guide to Flat-Fee Uncontested Probate in Hays County, Texas


Uncontested probate doesn’t work precisely the same way as a contested case would. With more certainty and a clearer path to resolution, uncontested probate can still involve a series of complicated steps, each of which has to be completed in just the right way to keep everything moving and to avoid potential challenges in the process. 


The questions and answers that follow explain why that’s the case, sharing a clearer picture of uncontested probates in Hays County, Texas, and how TAW Law Texas counsels clients through them.

What Is Uncontested Probate in Hays County, TX?

Probate is the legal process of verifying a will. If all interested parties agree that the will is valid, an uncontested probate case will typically proceed. If not — meaning even just one party challenges the validity of the will — the case will become contested probate, with additional hearings to evaluate the legitimacy of any “contests” (e.g., oppositions) raised.


In many cases, uncontested probates in Hays County can be fairly open-and-shut cases. With that, executors, beneficiaries, and others may experience: 


  • Less stress, with minimal disputes and everyone generally onboard with the will, the executor’s actions, and the overall process
  • More expedited resolutions, with each phase moving along a more predictable and efficient timeline
  • Fewer, more predictable costs, particularly when retaining counsel that offers flat-fee services and representation like TAW Law Texas
  • Better outcomes that not only honor the legacy of the loved one but may also provide for more seamless transitions when it matters most 


Notably, uncontested probates can turn into contested cases when, for instance, alternative versions of a will are found or there’s another reason to believe an existing will may not be valid. 


Regardless of whether that occurs, uncontested and contested probates in Hays County, Texas, proceed at the following venue: 


County Court at Law, Hays County Government Center
712 South Stagecoach Trail, Suite 2292
San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone: (512) 393-7625
Fax: (512) 393-7633


Please be aware that the Hays County Courts at Law require that “individuals applying for letters testamentary, letters of administration, determination of heirship, and guardianships of the person or the estate” are represented by a lawyer. Effectively, that means any “ executor, guardian, or administrator must be represented by counsel” in Hays County probate court. 


For more details about these rules, see the probate policy FAQs for the Hays County Court. To retain experienced counsel with vast experience resolving probate cases in the Hays County Court, contact a probate lawyer at TAW Law Texas.

How Do I Know If I Have an Uncontested Probate Case?

Consulting an experienced probate attorney can be the most effective way to get a definitive answer here. That’s because contested cases and uncontested probates can arise from various circumstances, and a lawyer can examine the details at hand to explain which type of case you have and what to expect going forward. 


Generally, you’re more likely to have an uncontested probate IF:


  • Only one will exists. 
  • There are multiple versions of the will, and there are no disputes over which is the most recent.
  • All interested parties agree that the will is legitimate, without any concerns that certain terms may be invalid.


Alternatively, a contested probate case will typically occur IF:


  • The will was changed at the last minute.
  • There’s potential evidence of coercion, pressure, or improper influence associated with the drafting or revising of a will. 
  • Multiple versions of the will exist, and there’s no consensus on the most recent version.
  • New information emerges after an uncontested probate case is initiated, renewing concerns that one of the above issues may be involved.


To get additional answers here, simply contact a Hays County probate lawyer at TAW Law Texas. We routinely advise and counsel clients through contested and uncontested probates in Hays County, and we offer Premium Probate services to executors, as an add-on option for more turnkey solutions. 


Find out how it works and what our representation can do for you in a free, confidential consultation

What Happens in Uncontested Probate in Hays County, Texas?

Uncontested probate in Hays County works pretty much the same as it does in Travis County, Williamson County, and throughout the state of Texas. In general, here’s what to expect with an uncontested probate case in Hays County, TX:


  1. Court filings officially open up the probate case, with the will and other documents filed with the Hays County Probate Court (Court).
  2. An executor is appointed by the Court. As noted above, executors must be represented by an attorney in the Hays County Court at Law.
  3. Notifications must be sent out, with the executor alerting beneficiaries and other interested parties that probate has been initiated for an estate.
  4. Inventories and appraisals occur to detail the scope and value of an estate. This involves listing and assessing the value of all assets that comprise an estate. As such, it can include real, physical property, like real estate and personal property, as well as intangibles, such as digital currencies, business interests, intellectual property, and more.  
  5. The estate’s debts will be resolved. Creditors will have limited time to file debt claims with the estate, after which their claims will be reviewed for validity. Legitimate claims will, then, be paid to resolve all outstanding debt an estate owes.
  6. The executor will need to pay the estate taxes. The amount of the estate tax bill hinges on how much the estate is worth. Higher-valued estates will have high tax bills with the estate tax rate topping out at 40%.
  7. Beneficiaries will receive the designated assets, according to the terms of the will. This asset distribution step is usually the final phase of an uncontested probate case in Hays County. 


While these steps generally define the probate process in Hays County, it’s crucial to be aware that: 


  • Every case is unique: Consequently, different phases of uncontested probate may require additional steps, more experts, and/or other resources to appropriately address the conditions and circumstances at hand.
  • Disputes can arise during an uncontested probate: Uncontested probates don’t necessarily remain free of disputes. Sometimes, that results in uncontested probates turning into contested cases once beneficiaries are notified, new estate planning documents come to light, or more information about a decedent and the estate is available. 


Navigating the nuances of your uncontested or contested probate can be much easier with the guidance and support of a Hays County probate lawyer at TAW Law Texas. Discover how in a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation.

How Quickly Can I Resolve Uncontested Probate in Hays County, TX?

The fastest turnaround time to resolve an uncontested probate case in Hays County is 30 days. For that to occur: 


  • A will has to be present, with no disputes about its validity.
  • There must be no creditors with claims against an estate. 
  • All assets must be located in Texas (and not in other states or countries).
  • All court documents have to be completed properly, with no missing or incorrect information. 


Notably, however, many probates in Hays County take much longer than 30 days, with some lasting months or even years. Specifically, uncontested probates may take longer whenever estates are more complicated due to more: 


  • Diverse and extensive asset holdings
  • Spread out or complex assets, like real estate or business interests 


No matter how straightforward or intricate an estate may be, the counsel of a seasoned attorney can help position uncontested probates for more expeditious resolutions. 


Why Fixed Rates for Hays County Uncontested Probate Services?

At TAW Law TX, we offer flat rates for uncontested probates in Hays County because:


  1. We have extensive experience with these cases: Having resolved several uncontested probates in Hays County and surrounding areas, our team has efficient processes and an arsenal of effective strategies to move these cases along with minimal hiccups and best-case outcomes.
  2. We are committed to providing value: Knowing what it takes to resolve uncontested probates in Hays County makes us highly effective at predicting costs, potential roadblocks, and better options for proceeding. We also have several resources on hand to support these cases and pass on even more value to our clients. 


As an add-on option to flat-fee uncontested probate services, we offer Premium Probate services in which our attorneys take on even more of the executor’s responsibilities for more turnkey solutions and next-level peace of mind. 

When Should I Talk to a Probate Lawyer in Hays County, TX?

There may be no better time than now to consult a probate attorney in Hays County, Texas. That’s because the sooner you reach out, the sooner you can get actionable answers that can put you on the right path ASAP. 


Whether you have a contested or uncontested probate case in Hays County, Texas, there’s no avoiding the firm deadlines, complicated court filings, and required administrative work necessary to resolve these cases. There are also no rules saying you must face all of this alone.


With our Hays County probate attorneys, you can be confident that you have experienced, shrewd lawyers in your corner, diligently striving to advance your case, protect your interests, and achieve optimal outcomes. You can also take advantage of our flat-fee uncontested probate services, as well as our Premium Probate services, for the ultimate peace of mind in the pursuit of ideal resolutions.


Flat-Fee Uncontested Probates   •   Court Costs Included  •   Free Consultations


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