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Flat-Fee Uncontested Probate in Travis County, TX

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Probate doesn’t have to be a drag-out, wallet-draining process for every estate. On the contrary, many estates in Travis County, Texas, move through the probate process with relative ease and few, if any, challenges. 


In these uncontested probate cases, executors, beneficiaries, and others can often wrap up the proceedings faster, reducing their costs and potential liabilities without unexpected disruptions. That can end in optimal, more efficient resolutions with the trusted counsel of TAW Law Texas, also the Law Office of Todd A. Wilson, in your corner.


Our 5-star probate attorneys have deep experience with uncontested probate cases in Travis County. We know what it takes to advance these cases, and we are exceptionally effective at resolving them, taking care of everything necessary to alleviate our clients’ burdens and concerns.  


That’s why we offer predictable, flat rates for our uncontested probate services in Travis County, Texas. It’s also why these services are designed to cover all filing fees and related court costs while delivering maximum value, turnkey solutions, and the ultimate peace of mind.


Flat-Fee Uncontested Probates in Travis County, Texas  

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Discover more about our services for uncontested probate cases in Travis County below. To get answers directly from a 5-star Travis County probate attorney, simply reach out to TAW Law Texas for a free, confidential consultation. 

What to Expect from Flat-Fee Uncontested Probate in Travis County, Texas


When probate is uncontested, the process can focus on applicable Texas laws, essential filings, the necessary administrative work, and the required communications, instead of disputes over the will. While that can provide for a more streamlined probate case, it does not make uncontested probate effortless, nor does it boil the process down to flip-of-the-switch tasks.


On the contrary, uncontested probate in Travis County can still involve several complex tasks, all of which can be handled by the attorneys at TAW Law Texas. 


Here’s a closer look at what you can generally expect from these cases and how our team can help deliver the best possible resolutions. 

What Is Uncontested Probate in Travis County, TX?

Uncontested probate in Travis County refers to any probate case in which there are no disputes or challenges over the will. With the executor(s), beneficiaries, and others in agreement that the will is valid, uncontested probate cases can move forward with fewer disruptions than a contested case. 


That can make uncontested probates in Travis County:


  • More predictable and less stressful: Without will challenges in probate, the process can advance according to the procedures defined in Texas Estate Codes Section 256. Additional proceedings to hear and resolve will contests aren’t necessary in uncontested probates. That takes the “fight” in these cases, reducing the overall stress they tend to cause key players.
  • Less expensive and less time-draining: With fewer court proceedings and interested parties in general agreement on the validity of the will, the process can move along on a faster timeline, with fewer delays, which, in turn, can reduce the overall costs.


In contrast, if any party suspects that part or all of a will is not valid, they can raise challenges; these cases would, then, be contested probate cases.


In Travis County, Texas, both contested and uncontested probate cases will typically proceed through the Travis County Probate Courts, which are comprised of the following two courthouses. 


Travis County Court Info

Travis County
Probate Court No. 1

Travis County
Probate Court No. 2

Presiding Judge Honorable Guy Herman Honorable Nicholas Chu
Address 200 W. 8th St., Second Floor
Austin, TX 78701
200 W. 8th St., Fourth Floor
Austin, TX 78701
Phone No. (512) 854-9258 (512) 854-5512


These Travis County courts and the probate attorneys at TAW Law Texas routinely handle uncontested probate cases from Austin, Bee Cave, Briarcliff, Creedmoor, Jonestown, Lago Vista, Lakeway, Manor, Pflugerville, Point Venture, Rollingwood, San Leanna, Sunset Valley, The Hills, Volente, Webberville, and West Lake Hills.


Plus, our Travis County probate lawyers offer flat-fee uncontested probate services that include all court costs for optimal value and efficiency — and for total transparency from the start. In addition to representing clients in Travis County, we also counsel clients in Williamson County, Hays County, Bastrop County, and Blanco County.

Do I Have an Uncontested Probate Case?

You could have an uncontested probate case, depending on the circumstances involved. To help you get a better handle on whether your situation will end up being a contested or uncontested probate case, ask yourself the following questions: 


  • Is the will valid under Texas law?
  • Are there multiple versions of the will?
  • If you answer “yes” to the above question, is there one version of the will that is clearly the last (newest) one?
  • Are there reasons to believe any current beneficiary or potential heir would raise a challenge to the will, disputing their inheritance (or lack thereof)?


If there’s some question about the validity, version, or terms of the will, there are typically greater chances of a contested probate case. 


Keep in mind that some uncontested probate cases can turn into contested cases when certain information comes to light, like the existence of a previously unknown will. For these and other reasons, it’s prudent to retain a probate lawyer when: 


  • You’re unsure about what type of probate case you have.
  • You’re ready to proceed with an uncontested probate in Travis County, Texas. 
  • There’s a risk that an uncontested case could be contested in the future. 


Answers to help you make more informed choices are just a call or click away. Simply contact TAW Law Texas for your free, confidential consultation with a trusted Travis County probate lawyer. 

How Does Uncontested Probate Work in Travis County, TX?

Travis County uncontested probates tend to proceed along the following steps, regardless of the value of an estate or how its assets are set to be distributed: 


  1. Filing court paperwork officially kicks off the probate case. This is when the will is filed with the Travis County Probate Court (Court).
  2. An executor is appointed by the Court. This is usually the executor named in the will, unless that individual is unwilling or unable to serve in this role.
  3. Notifications are sent to interested parties. Creditors, beneficiaries, and/or others will be notified that probate has started for the decedent’s estate.
  4. An inventory of the estate’s assets will be completed. Every item of value that comprises the estate will be added to a comprehensive inventory, so each asset is not only identified but also cataloged for the next steps. Assets that can be part of this process include houses, real estate, business holdings, vehicles, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, jewelry, art, and more.
  5. Appraisals will take place. Each asset in the estate’s inventory will be appraised to determine its value. If estates include rare or more complex assets, specialty appraisals may be needed.
  6. Creditor claims will be handled. Already notified of probate in the early stages of the case, creditors will have a limited window of time for submitting debt claims to the estate. Once submitted, creditor debt claims will be reviewed for legitimacy, usually by the executor or estate administrator. All legitimate debt claims will, then, be paid from the estate’s assets. If those assets don’t include sufficient cash to satisfy the legitimate debts, the executor may sell some of the estate’s assets to cover debt payments.
  7. The executor will pay federal estate taxes. While this may be considered part of the estate’s debt settlement process, it’s worth calling out separately because the rates on estate taxes can be as high as 40%, depending on how the estate plan and will have been structured (and depending on the overall value of the estate).
  8. The executor will distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries. Asset distribution will follow the terms of the will, unless any beneficiary has forced an early distribution, after meeting specific requirements. 


Following asset distribution, uncontested probate cases in Travis County can usually conclude. 


Oversimplifying the process, the steps above can quickly become complex endeavors in some cases, including (but not limited to) those that involve: 


  • Massive estates
  • Complex or international asset holdings
  • More complicated wills and/or trusts
  • Several interested parties, including beneficiaries and/or creditors


Our Travis County probate lawyers can handle all of that and more, facilitating the process to minimize stress, save you time, and obtain favorable resolutions.

How Long Do Uncontested Probate Cases in Travis County Take?

The simplest cases may be resolved within 3 to 6 months, but it’s important to know that: 


  • Generalities may not apply to your case.
  • Every uncontested probate case is unique, and the details involved — including the scope and complexity of the will and the estate — could affect how long it takes to resolve a given case.
  • An experienced Travis County probate attorney can help interested parties move through the process with minimal delays and better chances of efficient, favorable resolutions. 


If you’re wondering whether a will needs to be probated, check out the video below — or contact a Travis County probate lawyer at TAW Law Texas for a free consultation.


Why TAW Law Texas Offers Flat-Fee Uncontested Probate Services

The top-rated probate attorneys at TAW Law TX are devoted to providing extraordinary representation and solutions, along with optimal value and outcomes. 


For our uncontested probate services, that means passing the value of our knowledge, resources, and skills onto our clients by limiting their expenses and stress through predictable, 100% transparent flat fees. 


All court costs are included, and there are no surprises or add-on fees. 


We can do this because we have refined our processes, systems, and strategies with decades of experience, honing them to function as a well-oiled machine for uncontested probates in Travis County. You can take advantage of that without the unknown of hourly rates with the flat-fee uncontested probate services at TAW Law Texas.

Why Premium Probate Services for Uncontested Probates in Travis County, TX?

Our Premium Probate services for uncontested probates in Travis County, Texas, are a next-level service option. With this add-on service, we handle many of the executor tasks and responsibilities for you for an additional fee. That includes searching for, tracking down, and gathering all assets into a central estate account, including (but not limited to):


  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Life insurance
  • Real estate holdings


With our Premium Probate services, we also identify an estate’s creditors to resolve any debt claims, overseeing the complex work of uncontested probate to alleviate the burdens on executors and facilitate more efficient resolutions.

Do I Really Need a Probate Lawyer for an Uncontested Probate Case in Travis County, Texas?

Yes — rather than going at it alone, you will likely be better off retaining an attorney for uncontested probate in Travis County because a lawyer will typically:


  • Know the courts and Texas laws.
  • Advise you of your rights and options, so you can make more informed choices at each phase. 
  • Represent you in all court proceedings, filing all paperwork, covering court costs, and managing deadlines on your behalf. 
  • Keep you informed about how your case is moving forward, so you know what to expect and you’re not left in the dark.


With our Travis County probate lawyers in your corner, you can get exceptional counsel and support at every phase of the probate process. You can also get invaluable representation and peace of mind at a flat-fee rate.


Talk to a Travis County probate attorney now for answers related to your situation and legal options. 


Flat-Fee Uncontested Probates   •   Court Costs Included  •   Free Consultations


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