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Flat-Fee Uncontested Probate

Flat Fee Service from Top Uncontested Probate Lawyers

Top Austin Probate Lawyers Offering Fixed-Fee Services for Uncontested Probate Cases

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Probate can be complex and time-consuming, but it’s not always a battle. Many probate cases in Texas can move forward relatively unhindered, proceeding through the Travis, Williamson, Hays, and Bastrop County courts with minimal disruptions. For these straightforward, undisputed cases, the Austin probate attorneys at the Law Office of Todd A. Wilson offer flat-fee legal services. 


Flat-Fee Uncontested Probates (Court Costs Included)  •   Free Consultations


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Our flat-fee services are a turnkey solution for uncontested probate cases in Austin. Here’s how it all works, when our flat-fee uncontested probate rates apply, and how to figure out if our services are right for you. 


To get answers directly from our 5-star Austin probate attorneys, just reach out for a free, confidential consultation.

Flat-Fee Uncontested Probate FAQs


At the Law Office of Todd A. Wilson, also known as TAW Law, we are proud to offer extraordinary counsel, value-focused representation, and client-centered service for all types of probate cases and needs, including uncontested probate in Austin, Texas. 


Covering all filing fees and court costs, our flat-fee uncontested probate services can provide the support necessary to efficiently resolve these cases, all while offering you peace of mind and top-tier probate representation at a fixed rate.


We also offer Premium Probate services for uncontested probates, as a next-level service option. With this add-on service, we handle many executor tasks and responsibilities on your behalf for an additional fee. That includes searching for, tracking down, and gathering all assets into a central estate account, including (but not limited to) bank accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, real estate holdings, and more.


With our Premium Probate services, we also identify an estate’s creditors to resolve any debt claims, handling the complex work of uncontested probate to alleviate the burdens on executors and facilitate more efficient resolutions.


Our Austin lawyers have highlighted what you can generally expect from these cases, as well as from our flat-fee uncontested probate services, below. 

What Is Uncontested Probate v. Contested Probate?

Uncontested probate describes the process of verifying the validity of a will and administering an estate when no disputes arise in the process. In other words, in uncontested probate:


  • All interested parties agree the will is valid.
  • No one disputes the terms of the will or how the estate should be settled.
  • Beneficiaries are not challenging the probate process. 


Without these challenges being raised, uncontested probates tend to move forward fairly predictably, following the process and procedures outlined in Texas Estate Codes Section 256 (and below).

Contested probates, on the other hand, do involve disputes over the will and the estate. Usually, in these cases: 


  • At least one challenge to the will is raised.
  • Interested parties may argue the will is invalid due to fraud, undue influence, and/or improper execution. Will contests can also be raised for other reasons, like when divorce may negate some term of the will or when beneficiaries have specifically been omitted from a will.
  • Probate proceedings can be delayed and interrupted with investigations and hearings to look into and resolve the challenges raised by an interested party.


Consequently, when it comes to contested v. uncontested probate in Austin, Texas, uncontested probates can usually be resolved faster and more expeditiously than contested cases. That often means less (or no) time fighting in court; instead, uncontested probates tend to involve more complicated administrative work, with extensive court filings, multiple deadlines, hearings, and more.


Highly experienced and exceptionally resourceful, our Austin probate lawyers know how to navigate uncontested cases with optimal efficiency. That’s why we offer flat-fee services for uncontested probates. 

What Happens in Uncontested Probate?

Uncontested probates in Texas typically advance toward a resolution via the following process: 


  1. Paperwork is filed with the court to officially open up the probate case. If there is a will, the will is filed with the court at this time.
  2. The court appoints an executor or administrator to oversee the proceedings.
  3. Interested parties are notified that probate has gotten underway for the decedent’s estate. These parties can include beneficiaries, creditors, and others.
  4. The estate will be inventoried. This involves creating a comprehensive, detailed list of all assets that comprise the estate. Those assets can include anything from homes, real estate, and vehicles to stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, and far more.
  5. The estate’s assets will be appraised. Depending on what the assets entail, this could involve specialty appraisals and/or other efforts.
  6. Any creditors’ debt claims will be reviewed by the executor or estate administrator, who will be responsible for paying the legitimate debts. If needed, assets of the estate may need to be sold to satisfy valid debts.
  7. The executor will pay the estate taxes. Please be aware that estate tax rates can be as high as 40% if a decedent did not take effective measures to mitigate estate taxes in their estate plan.
  8. The remaining assets will be distributed to the beneficiaries, according to the terms of the will. Please be aware that beneficiaries can force estate distributions earlier in the process, as long as certain requirements are met.


Simplified on paper, uncontested probate can still be quite complex, with several moving parts, fiduciary responsibilities, and strict deadlines. More complexities can enter the picture if you’re dealing with factors like (but not limited to):


  • Larger estates
  • More complicated wills
  • Dozens of beneficiaries 
  • An onslaught of creditors


Our Austin probate lawyers can handle all of that and more, facilitating the process to minimize added stress, save you time, and obtain favorable resolutions.

How Long Does Uncontested Probate Take in Texas?

It can take as little as three to six months to resolve some uncontested probate cases in Texas. However, it’s critical to understand that: 


  • Every case is different, and generalities may not apply to your circumstances.
  • The nature of the will and the estate can affect how long uncontested probate lasts in Texas.
  • An experienced Austin probate lawyer can help executors, estate administrators, beneficiaries, and others get through the process without wasting time or making costly mistakes. An attorney can also help interested parties protect their interests and leverage the right strategies to achieve their objectives and optimal outcomes.


If you aren’t sure whether or not a will needs to move through probate, check out this video — or contact an Austin probate attorney at TAW Law for a free consultation.


Why Do We Offer Flat-Fee Service for Uncontested Probate?

At TAW Law TX, we believe in providing extraordinary representation and solutions for all probate and estate administration needs.


With so much experience in uncontested probates, we know the best strategies, tools, and procedures for resolving these cases. That makes us incredibly effective at counseling our clients through these matters. And it’s why we offer flat-fee uncontested probate services.

Can Uncontested Probate Turn into a Contested Case?

Yes. Uncontested probates can become contested cases if:


  1. Some party has grounds to challenge the will.
  2. That party raises the challenge within two years of the probate case getting underway. That two-year deadline is set by Texas Estates Code Sec. 256.204.  


This may happen, for instance, if: 


  • Another version of the will is discovered after an uncontested probate case has been initiated.
  • There are grounds to claim undue influence, fraud, or lack of mental capacity when the will was created.
  • Other circumstances apply.


This potential — for disputes to arise and complicate uncontested probate cases — is another reason why it’s prudent to retain an Austin probate attorney whenever you’re a party to a probate case in Texas.



Do I Really Need an Austin Probate Lawyer for an Uncontested Probate Case?

Yes, it’s generally in your best interests to retain an attorney when it’s time to proceed with contested or uncontested probate in Texas.


The truth is that it can be difficult to know:


  • When probate is necessary
  • Whether probate may be uncontested versus contested
  • How to get a probate case started
  • How to manage all of the paperwork, deadlines, and demands of uncontested probate cases 
  • How to anticipate and respond to potential will contests and other hurdles in the probate process
  • The local rules of each individual county court


With an Austin probate attorney, you can get invaluable counsel and support at every point in the probate process. With TAW Law TX, you also get priceless representation and peace of mind at a flat-fee rate for uncontested probate services.


Talk to an Austin probate lawyer for more insight and answers related to your situation, options, and how to proceed. 

Talk to an Austin probate lawyer to get answers, advice, and important counsel about your situation, your legal options, and how to proceed. The Law Office of Todd A. Wilson, also TAW Law TX, offers free consultations and flat-fee services for uncontested probates.


Flat-Fee Uncontested Probates (Court Costs Included)  •   Free Consultations

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