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Premium Probate in Austin, TX

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Todd A. Wilson

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Probate can be a complex, rule-ridden process that comes with several responsibilities. That’s especially true for executors, who typically have to initiate probate while advancing it properly at each phase. 


With that, executors in Texas probate are generally entrusted to manage probate deadlines, required notifications, essential court documents, and so much more. If mistakes occur at any point, executors may be liable, all while holding up probate, potentially adding to its costs, or even kicking off new infighting. 


At the Law Office of Todd A. Wilson, also TAW Law Texas, we know how complicated probate can be and what it takes to bring even the most intricate cases to optimal outcomes. We’re also aware of how much executors have to take on and the unforgiving consequences they may face as a result of any oversights. 


That’s why the top-rated Austin lawyers at TAW Law Texas offer premium probate services, standing in for executors to masterfully handle most tasks while running comprehensive searches for all assets and debts associated with an estate. 


Available to enhance our standard probate services, our premium probate offering can be a turnkey solution for executors and estates, delivering more efficient resolutions and the ultimate peace of mind.


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Discover more about our premium probate services and how they work below. To get answers directly from a 5-star Austin probate attorney at TAW Law Texas, simply reach out for a free, confidential consultation. 

Premium Probate Services Exclusively at TAW Law Texas


Premium probate services are not available at all probate law firms in the Austin area. On the contrary, TAW Law Texas is the first Austin probate law firm to offer this next-level service in Travis, Williamson, Hays, Blanco, and Bastrop counties.


As a new way to support our clients and offer them first-class service, premium probate can lift the burden of the arduous administrative work while providing greater confidence that an experienced professional is in the “driver’s seat,” diligently completing the work that would otherwise be left to executors.


For those who understand what premium probate is all about, the question is not whether they can afford it; instead, they question whether they can afford to pass it up and how soon they can sign on. 

What Is Premium Probate in Austin, TX?

Premium probate is an extra option for our standard probate services, available at an extra fee. With this offering, our Austin probate lawyers take on some additional tasks and responsibilities, including (and not necessarily limited to): 


  • Asset searches: We can track down harder-to-locate assets, like older bank accounts that were associated with past addresses or that no one knew about. 
  • Debt searches: Our probate lawyers can also identify possible debt claims associated with an estate, so there aren’t any surprises later.
  • Some executor tasks: Executors have a very long list of tasks, some of which need to happen sooner or in tandem with other efforts. Our probate attorneys have worked through this process countless times, giving us first-hand knowledge, well-honed skills, and powerful resources to complete a vast array of executor tasks with incredible efficiency. 


Without our premium probate services, executors would usually be tasked with the above and any associated reporting to the local probate court.


The table below shows how our premium probate services differ from standard probate, highlighting what our lawyers handle when you engage us for premium probate services (versus what executors handle with standard probate — not just with TAW Law Texas but at nearly every other probate law firm in Texas).


Comprehensive asset & debt searches  




The executor completes all of these tasks (regardless of counsel).





An experienced Austin Probate Lawyer at TAW Law Texas handles all of this.

Open an estate account
Compile financial assets
Halt utilities*
Close social media accounts*
Close other existing accounts
Gather funds into the estate account
Make final distributions from the estate account

*Upon Request

How Does Premium Probate Work in Austin, TX?

Our premium probate services involve a series of intricate tasks, all designed to button up an estate, as required by Texas law. To that end, our attorneys take care of all of the following as part of our premium probate services: 


  1. Checking and savings account searchers: We conduct inquiries at the top 10 largest banks in the U.S., as well as any regional banks in areas where the decedent previously lived, to unearth any other assets that may be held in unknown checking and/or savings accounts.
  2. Retirement account searches: Our team hunts down any lingering retirement accounts, tracking down additional savings that may not be identified in the will, trust, or estate planning documents. 
  3. Life insurance searches: We also run in-depth investigations in the area of life insurance policies and benefits, unearthing existing coverage, so it’s not lost forever.
  4. Potential debt searches: Effective at identifying legitimate creditors, we can run debt inquiries to uncover outstanding accounts, so estates can get ahead of these claims. These searches can also help identify some of the more dubious debt claims.
  5. Notifications to key U.S. agencies: With premium probate, we can reach out to the three major credit reporting bureaus and the Social Security Administration (SSA), sending them proper notifications, so you don’t have to.
  6. Other account terminations: Upon request, our team can halt utilities while closing out any existing social media accounts.
  7. Estate accounts: As the above occurs, we can concurrently obtain an EIN and open up an estate account, establishing a central location for all estate funds and assets. Once open, our team can also oversee the collection of existing estate assets into this account.
  8. Final distributions: As probate concludes, we can make the necessary distributions from the estate account, handling all related notifications and reporting.


With these key probate tasks in our team’s hands, you could save irreplaceable time over weeks or months. You can also be more certain that no stone has been left unturned — and that our trusted professionals are at the helm, striving for optimal outcomes.

What Are the Benefits of Premium Probate versus Standard Probate?

Premium probate can come with a number of possible advantages over standard probate, including (but not limited to):


  • Time savings: The executor won’t have to run around to locate and compile all assets while knowing that any outlier valuables will be tracked down and collected in the estate account.
  • Minimal forfeitures: With all lingering assets tracked down, executors and others can be confident that they’re not giving up anything that rightfully belongs to the estate. They can also reduce their risk of paying fraudulent debt claims.
  • Priceless peace of mind: With premium probate, you can put attorneys with well over a decade of probate experience in control of some of the finer ins and outs of your case. That can bring extraordinary comfort in a time of grief, confusion, and transition, taking some important tasks off your plate to put them in knowledge, trustworthy, caring hands.


Keep in mind that these are not the only possible benefits of premium probate and that more answers are just a call or click away. Simply contact TAW Law Texas for a free, confidential consultation with an Austin probate lawyer. 

How Much Does Premium Probate Cost?

As part of our value-focused offerings, premium probate is priced as an add-on service for representation in uncontested probate, as well as for executors in contested probates. As such, pricing is available upon request, after our team has a better idea of the circumstances and the nature of the case involved.


That said, it’s also crucial to note the following when it comes to the cost of premium probate: 


  • All pricing for our premium probate services is transparent, so you know the costs upfront and don’t have to worry about surprise bills or line items later.
  • Premium probate can track down assets that cover the costs: By locating and compiling outlier bank accounts, retirement accounts, and life insurance policies, the assets uncovered through premium probate could far outweigh the reasonable costs of this service.
  • Premium probate can save money in the big picture: With clear eyes on legitimate debt claims and an experienced probate lawyer heading up the case, there can be minimal risk of any costly missteps, like paying fraudulent creditor claims or failing to notify the Social Security Administration of the death. That could preserve the estate’s assets for its intended beneficiaries while avoiding extra hearings, headaches, and bills in the process.

Find Out More About Premium Probate Services from TAW Law Texas

Contact an Austin probate lawyer at TAW Law Texas for more information about our premium probate services. Whether or not you opt for this service, we can share answers and insights about probate, what to expect, and your best options for proceeding in a free, no-cost, no-obligation consultation.


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Most Austin law firms aren’t probating cases week in and week out. At TAW Law Texas, we do. That’s why we continue to be the probate attorneys of choice for referrals, complex cases, and client-focused services in and around Austin, Texas. We invite you to check out our reviews for more or reach out whenever you’re ready to talk.