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Todd’s goal is to reach out to people who don’t realize the benefits of such services or believe that estate planning and probate services are only for the rich.

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Todd A. Wilson

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We have been dealing with some pretty nerve racking circumstances that coincide with the passing of a family member. Todd has come through in tremendous fashion. He has handled everything from assuring that my family will retain water rights to the well that we've been using since 1982, to dealing with the probate process of the will in question. He's proved to be confident and comforting through a troubling and pressure inducing time. Most importantly todd Wilson has been more than capable of handling a very tough situation with complete professionalism, and the results are a very happy and secure family. I highly recommend everyone to utilize todd and his tremendous services.

Nathan S | Yelp!

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I've had the pleasure of working alongside Mr. Wilson for the past several years. His knowledge base, compassion, drive, and level of professionalism are second to none. One would be hard-pressed to find a more capable attorney. To be quite honest, I was not even aware of what a gun trust was or why it was needed. We sat down and reviewed the law, along with the pluses and minuses of having such a trust in place, and moved forward with protecting myself and my property. I have since recommended Todd's services to several friends and family members. Whether you need to set up, or review, your estate plan, gun trust, or pet trust, Todd Wilson is your go-to guy.

Mike U | Yelp!

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Let's be honest- your looking at the reviews because you want to be sure you have a good and honest attorney. Well look no further! I am a man that had some major need for an attorney from wills to trusts, basically overall estate planning. My estate- without getting too personal is not normal- and is not typical. Todd cares enough to research and ask for help from colleges, seeking what's best for his client. This man has done everything to protect my entire family- and given us security. We know that whatever happens we are safe, secure and protected. Protected? You may be asking from what? Well that is the beauty of it- everyone of us have a very unique situation- so what may be of concern for protection for me, may not be for you. Just know this man is out to take care of your individual situation. This is the honest truth. I have well over 1.5 million in assets if I were to die. This man went over and above to ensure all aspects of the family is considered and is protected in my or my wife's untimely death. Now I'll say this- I have a good job but I'm like everyone else. If your a honest and stand-up person- he wants to help honest people and will take care of you. He really cares about you and your situation! This is not a guy only out for money- this is a rare unicorn lawyer! You would really be rolling the dice to hope to get a lawyer as good as this one- because this is as good as they come.

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