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Success in business can hinge on the legal foundations, agreements, and relationships that make up a company. Regardless of industry and growth objectives, business legal matters can arise from the moment an organization opens its doors. That can instantly invite new potential risks, liabilities, and opportunities. It can also result in evolving responsibilities, high-stakes engagements, and never-before-encountered challenges. 


Navigating those complex waters without legal counsel can be like walking a tightrope in the dark. With an experienced business attorney in your corner, however, you can unlock a better understanding of the applicable laws and your options while establishing a stronger means of protecting your rights and advancing your interests.


The Austin attorneys at the Law Office of Todd A. Wilson, also known as TAW Law Texas, are deeply experienced at overseeing several complex business legal matters for all types of companies. Known for our client-focused representation and custom, turnkey solutions, we specialize in providing top-tier counsel to entrepreneurs, visionaries, corporate leaders, investors, innovators, and others in business formations, transactions, general operations, and beyond.


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Our business legal services are designed to facilitate transactions, proactively address potential issues, minimize possible liabilities, and promote our clients’ bests interests. 


Please explore the following for more about our business legal services. You can also contact our Austin business attorneys for a free consultation and confidential answers at your convenience.

Invaluable Counsel from Experienced Business Law Attorneys


Business legal matters don’t have to take you by surprise, derail your plans, or present complicated obstacles. With the support of a trusted business lawyer at TAW Law Texas, you — along with any business partners and your company — can proceed with clarity, confidence, better safety nets, and more solid positioning moving forward. 


That’s true whether you plan to start, expand, purchase, sell, or otherwise engage with businesses. It’s also relevant regardless of whether you operate in Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County, Bastrop County, Blanco County, and/or surrounding areas.


Below is a closer look at some of the business services and solutions we offer to meet and anticipate our clients’ dynamic and evolving needs while helping them accomplish their objectives.

Business Entity Formations

The structure and foundation of your business can set it up for long-term success — or it could create all-new obstacles if missteps occur at the outset. At TAW Law Texas, our Austin attorneys have years of experience with business formations for all types of enterprises and operations, including for (and not limited to):


  • Startups
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Series LLCs
  • Corporations
  • Limited partnerships
  • General partnerships
  • Non-profit organizations (NFPs)


Given that each structure has distinct tax and legal implications, the entity you create for any new business matters. Consequently, it’s advisable to consider the entity selection for any new company with care. 

TAW Law Texas can help you make that choice with greater peace of mind, so that: 


  1. You’re set up for true success from day one.
  2. Your personal property and individual assets remain protected and insulated from the business, regardless of what happens with the company in the future.

Business Entity Conversions

New liabilities, growing tax bills, and evolving compliance matters can make it necessary for business owners and leaders to convert a company from one entity to another. So can franchising, moving businesses into new states, and more.

At these junctures, the business lawyers at TAW Law Texas can step in to: 


  • Advise on the best options for the “new” business entity, based on the current circumstances, concerns, needs, and goals
  • Create the proper legal devices and documentation to execute the conversion
  • Oversee any related legal processes for a transition that’s as painless as possible


TAW Law Texas has vast experience converting businesses from:


  • One entity type to another: This could mean converting a partnership to a corporation or a corporation to an LLC, for instance.
  • An out-of-state entity to a Texas entity: We can devise the essential plans and documentation, filing them with the Secretary of State and taking care of associated administrative matters. That can mean you are able to open your company’s doors for business in Texas on time and maybe even ahead of schedule.


If you’re considering a business entity conversion for any reason, talk to an Austin lawyer at TAW Law Texas to get professional perspective, insight, and answers that could go a long way toward smoother, more successful conversions. 

Business Agreements

Devise, review, update, and renegotiate your business agreements with a trusted business attorney at the helm. Our business lawyers are extraordinarily skilled at handling all types of corporate contracts and business agreements, working diligently to ensure compliance, proper terms, and sufficient protections.

Specifically, our team has deep experience with straightforward to highly complex contracts, including (but not limited to):


  • Buy-Sell Agreements: Acquiring, selling off, or merging a business can’t happen if all parties don’t see eye to eye. Our business attorneys can help you get there, counseling you through all aspects of buy-sell agreements to help you secure the protections and conclusions you need.
  • Asset Purchase Agreements: Integral terms and conditions, warranties, and other key provisions can make up asset purchase contracts. We can help you understand how these factors impact you while working to ensure the agreement serves your best interests.
  • Equity Purchase Agreements: When it’s time to buy or sell shares of a company, you can rely on TAW Law Texas to craft, review, and negotiate these agreements for smooth, successful transactions.
  • Nondisclosure, Noncompetition, and Nonsolicitation Agreements: Whether you need standard contracts or custom agreements for each new engagement, our Austin attorneys can fulfill your needs with thoughtful terms, intelligent strategies, and effective solutions.
  • Independent Contractor Agreements: Outsourcing operations to independent contractors means setting up pay rates, scope of work, terms of confidentiality, and more. No matter what you need from independent contractors, we can help you devise the agreements fundamental to long-term success in these relationships. 

General Company Operations

A business’s day-to-day operations can run like a well-oiled machine with the proper legal underpinnings and ongoing counsel. That’s why the Austin attorneys at TAW Law Texas work closely with our corporate clients to assist with a board scope of general operations, including (and not limited to):


  • Equipment leases
  • Intellectual property issues 
  • Risk mitigation and corporate governance matters
  • Company-wide, board member, and shareholder meetings, including special conferences and annual summits
  • Offers and agreements for new executives
  • Resignations of officers, directors, and managers
  • Compliance matters, including industry-specific regulations, local ordinances, state laws, and federal regulations 

Business Dissolutions & Succession

When a company reaches the end of its lifecycle or owners are ready to walk away, the Austin attorneys at TAW Texas can take the lead to devise and oversee:


  • Entity dissolutions
  • Exit strategies
  • The smooth transition of business assets to new owners
  • The sale of business assets and the distribution of proceeds
  • Related compliance issues, taxes, and other matters


Consulting with a business lawyer as soon as you’re considering business dissolutions, sales, and exits can be a shrewd move. That’s how you can get early insights into your best options, so you’re able to make informed choices going forward.

Top Austin Lawyers for Your Business Legal Matters

No matter how new or established your business may be, retaining a business lawyer at TAW Law Texas can give you access to a wealth of knowledge, first-class counsel, responsive service, and so much more. 


As your business interests evolve, our team can work closely alongside you and your team, devising and refining the strategies, contracts, and other assets in play, so you’re can achieve and maintain ideal positioning on all fronts — and so you can achieve your goals and optimal outcomes from your next business endeavor.


Simply contact us for more answers and options geared towards your needs.


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